Did you know that as well as having thermal impact, insulation also works as an effective soundproofing solution for your home?

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Modern Living Often Means Noise

Sometimes our home entertainment choices mean we want to enjoy making plenty of noise without fear of disturbing others. And sometimes we want to retreat to a peaceful home environment without hearing neighbours or traffic outside.

Our insulation products make all of these choices possible. As well as having thermal insulation properties, they also work as a soundproofing solution for walls, floors and ceilings, giving you control of your living environment.

Insulating your home is widely regarded as the best way of reducing airborne noise transferring through walls and ceilings.

Effective Sound Reduction Barrier

Sound reduction is one of the great additional benefits of home insulation. If you're disturbed by noisy neighbours, traffic or aircraft noise, or sounds travelling from one room to another, insulation will create an effective sound reduction barrier and make a big difference to everyday life.

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